Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blow your top

The privacy of the journal gives one time to reflect and react to experiences. Kelsey writes that, ‘When we live on top of an emotional volcano which is about to erupt, recording our feelings can help us move off it or even keep the explosion from occurring.’ [1]
He understands the value of the journal as a therapeutic tool. Not just by giving the opportunity to express negative emotion but positive ones also. Ira Progoff has developed ‘interactive journaling’ as a tool for honest expression. Experiment is currently underway, aimed at those recovering from alcohol or substance abuse, through which it is hoped that the discipline of journaling shared in a setting similar to that required of integrity therapy, will stimulate accountability and discipline for recovery. [2]

[1] Kelsey, ‘Adventure Inward,’ 25.

[2] See article by Frank D. Lemus, ‘Change is Good,’ ‘Paradigm,’ (Winter, 2006),


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